A good story

1. Captures your attention
2. Makes you feel something
3. Inspires action

Attractivity harnesses the power of stories to create content for brands using techniques drawn from marketing, sales, public relations and creative writing.

Hi, I’m Emily 👋🏻

Your regular dancer turned bartender turned marketing professional turned creative writer and business owner. I write stories for brands and businesses. Here’s mine:

One day, when I was managing a bar in London, a premium vodka brand manager asked me to write and present a program of product training to the staff of a series of high-end nightclubs. This was the naughties and table service vodka was all the rage. Therein lay the problem, vodka was a saturated market, and there wasn’t a marked difference in taste between styles, so I focused on the presentations I wrote around the brand story. When I delivered the training, I could see that it landed.

Aha! I thought. This is the career for me.  So when I was offered a role as the first employee at the groundbreaking Love Drinks, a drink distribution company serving the “discerning consumer looking for the story behind the brand,” I took it.  Not only did I get to work with incredible brands, but I helped build a business from seed, apprenticed to an inspiring entrepreneur.

I’ve since carried those skills of writing, teaching and presenting into sales, marketing, branding, communication and copywriting roles, both in-house and freelance, across many different markets and for many different brands. 

Then in the wee hours, I squirrelled away at fiction writing. I completed an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa and received a qualification in Teaching Creative Writing at the Manchester Writing School.

You can find my creative work on www.emilykaygoodman.com

These two worlds collided when I started teaching creative writing to people who don’t have access to traditional education. Many of my students faced significant challenges but still yearned to tell their story, so I learned to break down storytelling craft to the essentials.  This not only helped my students to express themselves, but it began to fundamentally change my copywriting.

Soon, I realised I had a tool bag full of exercises and techniques that applied to business communications, and I wanted to use them, so I started Attractivity, and here we are.