Brand Storytelling Workshop – TEAM


The Attractivity Brand Storytelling Workshop is aimed at in-house marketing teams or agencies that want to develop a bespoke strategy for a single brand. It allows marketing communications leaders to empower their team to develop unique communications touchpoints that transcend the usual sales-speak and off-the-peg marketing tactics.

Storytelling connects people. A well-sculpted story draws people together over shared values, ideas, knowledge, successes and potential. Creating a brand story means that your copy, PR, social media and internal communications all derive from the same kernel of truth. That truth gets to the crux of what’s relevant to your stakeholders. Once you have that kernel, all you need to do is spread the word.

Brand storytelling is an evolving process which can fit brands at any part of their life cycle, but the workshops are especially good for brand or product launches and brand repositioning. 

The workshops will provide

  • Focus
  • Time
  • Guided creativity
  • Cohesive teams
  • A brand story document you can use for all your communications touchpoints.

Please complete the form, and let us know where you’re based, and how we can contact you to arrange your workshop.

Please note that Attractivity needs a month notice to prepare a bespoke workshop especially for you!



Attractivity Storytelling Workshops are available anywhere in on the mainland UK*.

You will need to

  • Fill out an initial brief to assess your marketing goals and objectives for the workshop
  • Approve the bespoke workshop plan  submitted 2 weeks before the event
  • Allow up to 4 weeks of planning ahead for each workshop
  • Provide tea, coffee and snacks (if appropriate) and a venue large enough to facilitate the attendees.
  • Attractivity will provide indemnity insurance certificates but the host is responsible for the risk assessment for the workshop.

*Travel costs may be billed, please contact Attractivity to discuss this by email.