Barry Cawston: Editing for Presentation and Performance

by | Apr 14, 2020


Checking and amending digital media for presentation and SEO optimisation

Barry Cawston is a prolific photographer and brilliant communicator with a network of digital media that includes book and print sales, blogs, multiple websites, social media channels, gallery listings, Air BnB listings and newsletters. Although he is comfortable writing his own copy, he wants an extra pair of eyes to run over some of his output to maintain his high standard of writing. He also needs someone with up-to-date digital knowledge to audit his websites for SEO optimisation.


Optomising multiple channels

Like many artists, Barry has multiple income streams, but instead of working with a blanket service providing company, he prefers to collaborate on his written works. His travels take him away from his bricks and motor businesses and he needs to know that he won’t miss opportunities while his mind is focused elsewhere. We kept all these things in mind when updating the SEO on his two websites. They are naturally very visual and this needed to be the primary focus, so keywords needed to be carefully chosen and used throughout the text.


Fortifying copy through header titles, meta descriptions, keywords and backlinks.

Together we created relevant SEO tactics that wouldn’t impinge on the quality of Barry’s content. As well as amending the SEO on his content management system, we linked his personal website to Google business – using it as a funnel to direct people to other websites if necessary. Then we ran a line edit through all his content for presentation’s sake.

As a result, site visits are growing month on month at an average rate of 15%.