Serravinci Imports: Marketing and Sales Strategy

by | May 4, 2020


Seeding an imported brand with no budget into the UK.

The owners of Serravinci were solicitors who just happened upon the Viscolata Cardinale winery while they were on holiday in Italy. They were so impressed with the taste, production, lifestyle and the passion behind the brand that they gave up their professions and set up Serravinci to import and distribute the Italian products they loved in the UK. They began by approaching Italian restaurants and delis and saw success with this route to market. However, they were aware that there was potential for higher sales volumes in the cocktail market, they just weren’t sure how to approach seeding the brand into this highly competitive and traditionally big-brand big-budget world.


Honing in on the likeminded

Luckily, there is a huge network of Italian bartenders, managers and owners who are incredibly influential in the London cocktail scene. Maybe it’s the emphasis on formal hospitality training or the fact that it is a socially valued career choice for talented people in Italian culture. Regardless, many UK-based Italians are pushing the boundaries in the HORECA market. Together we decided that some influencers might get behind the brand. So, I provided Serravinci with a small budget sales and marketing strategy that was based on the passion that they had for the products. This included an elevator and sales pitch, a networking strategy, a target list of venues and people to meet, and a guide to the etiquette of introducing a new product without the bravado of big discounts or branded point of sale giveaways. 


An established brand and range of cocktail liqueurs.

So many customers were overjoyed that a sincere person introduced them to a sensational range of products that sales grew organically as the word spread. The success of the Viscolata Cardinale allowed Serravinci to begin importing their rare and delicious fruit and nut liqueurs into the UK too. They were soon established as a staple cocktail ingredient and they currently have product listings on back bars throughout the UK and are listed with specialist off licences and wholesalers. They also developed retail relationships with the likes of John Lewis, Debenhams, Fenwicks, 31 Dover, and Fells.

“I worked with Emily for a short time but in that time she understood our business’ issues, took a lot of trouble to help us deal with them and was generally encouraging and positive. She provided us with a thorough analysis of our business in the process and gave us much food for thought.”