The Bitter Truth: Product Tasting Notes

by | Apr 14, 2020


The founders of The Bitter Truth were launching a new brand called Tiki Lovers.

They were sending out their two new products to drink industry professionals for feedback. By way of thanks for my delicious bottles of white and dark rum, I wrote the founders an email that included silly product tasting notes written in pirate parlance. They asked me if they could use them in their official marketing materials and hired me to write tasting notes for their whole The Bitter Truth brand portfolio.


Finding the balance between silly and serious

The original email I’d sent a private joke, and this commission needed to be more serious.  The Bitter Truth had over 20 brand SKUs that were award-winning in multiple markets. They were also battling in a category (the founders created bitters and liqueurs from traditional cocktail recipes) that had little consumer knowledge behind it. The trick was to keep the tone characterful, ignite consumer confidence and curiousity while also providing vital information on the background and advised usage of each product.


Copywriting that lasts

The copy produced in this collaboration is used across all their English speaking marketing literature, including all the product fact sheets and the website.

These tasting notes were delivered in 2012 and are still used to this day. As one of the founders, Alexander Hauk recently said.

“We are still getting compliments from your great and funny texts!”