The Wine Shop: Writing and Presenting Workshops

by | Apr 23, 2020


Finding someone who could both write and present

The Wine Shop has a retail and wholesale business in Somerset, but also run wine and spirit tastings. While the owners of The Wine Shop took a summer to buy and renovate a home for themselves, they asked for help with the popular gin tastings. They wanted someone who they could give a different selection of gins to for each tasting session who would deliver a presentation on the history of the category, share the particulars of each brand, present a few drink recipes to suit the crowd and demonstrate and serve a  cocktail for the crowd to taste.


Delivering for a diverse range of clients

Over the summer, several clients booked the gin tasting. Ranging from a hen do in a private holiday home, a branch of the Women’s Institute, and a local arts centre. For the hen do we arranged a short presentation with an emphasis on tasting and making gin-based drinks. For the Women’s Institute the presentation focused on the difference between the brands, and how to discern and develop a personal taste, and for the arts centre we honed in on the craft of production involved in making the gin.   


Lots of happy customers

The business model of the tastings is based on sales after the presentation. Sales by the case came in from the hen do, and buy the bottle from both the other clients. The Wine Shop got both a reputation building brand exercise and profitable sales and to build their business.